WILLIAM A. PENN, Ph.D. (DECEASED)                                                                                                                VICE PRESIDENT  AND CHIEF SYSTEM ANALYST 

          Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York Ph.D., 1984
          Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York M.E.E., 1963
          Graduate of General Electric Advanced Engineering Program 1956
          Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri B.S.E.E., 1951 

Work Experience
          1991 - 2017 Adjunct, Research and Visiting Professor, Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University
          1970 -1990 Consulting Engineer, General Electric Company
          1963 -1970 Manager, Signal Processing - G.E. Electronics Laboratory
          1957 Supervisor G.E. Advanced Engineering Program 

Professional Interests
           Substantial part of career working for General Electric Company was in coherent optics, laser systems, heterodyne optical systems, and holography. Also worked in systems and electronics technologies. Headed development of mobile heterodyne infrared laser radar tracker. Subsequently headed development of an adaptive optical signal processor (sidelobe canceler) for radar systems. Performed studies in sonar processing, particularly active target classification and sonar array calibration.

Honors   2007 IEEE Fellow